As regular hosts of nights like Kaos London, Electrowerkz always delivers music you can lose yourself to. Ground-moving performances, from well-known and upcoming DJs always bring a fascinating mix of techno.


This venue is one of the top contenders in London. Easy to get to (just by Angel tube) the building is industrial and moody with a Berlin-like feel. Walking in, the atmosphere is exciting, electric and fantastical.

The sound system could do with an update but, if you can get over the quality, this venue is definitely one of the best in the city.  


One of the most eccentric in London, Electrowerkz punters are lightyears ahead when it comes to fashion and trendsetting but there are no egos. Everyone is an individual and all are welcome.  


It's a beautiful mix of expected stern faces at the door and friendly, laid back characters behind the bar.


Slightly haphazard at the entrance but the queues move quickly. A straightforward search is followed by booming music and great vibes as soon as you walk in.

Crowded dance floors, relaxed, beautiful, genuine community of people. Electrowerkz is a dark, fantastical techno wonderland. 


  • Get your tickets online.
  • Remember your ear plugs.
  • If you’re planning to stay on the main dance floor, the dark and dense building can get really hot – wear fewer clothes.