The perfect place to start your DJ career. A Mixture of big names and beginners spanning the range of electronic music – from techno to house, jungle to funk and disco.


Located on Queen Street in the centre of Glasgow, La Cheetah a small club with a pub upstairs. Start your evening with a few drinks there and then head down to the basement for a wild night of electronic beats. It’s usually not too crowded, so doesn’t get too hot inside – just the right amount of people so you still have space to show off your moves. Good sound system and lighting that take you to that ‘happy place’ we all love. 


An overall young crowd ranging from early 20s-40s and usually made up of small groups. La Cheetah is very laid back, there’s no dress code – just dress for a casual night out, nothing fancy here. You’ll find yourself surrounded by happy people who’ve come to party. What’s not to like? If you want to have a good time but aren’t so keen on big sweaty crowds, this is the place for you. 


Bodyguards at the entrance will ask you where you’ve been so far, and ask if you’re OK etc – pretty standard stuff. Bar staff are friendly and you usually won’t have to wait long for a drink 


Little queues at the entrance, and you can choose to buy your tickets online or at the door. Tickets are usually really affordable – between £5-£13, and cheaper before 11pm. Getting to the toilets is a bit of a hassle – they’re upstairs and you have to go through the pub to reach them. But they’re squeaky clean and well looked after. 


Just be yourself, or whoever you want to be.