Shelter works mainly with a few well-established and up-and-coming Dutch labels. Expect label exclusive nights like Mord Records which promote local and foreign talent alongside the bigger names.

Known for eclectic techno nights, the owners are those of the legendary Studio 80 – largely responsible for writing the history of techno in Amsterdam and beyond. Together with De School, Shelter is a well-known trend-setter on the Amsterdam techno scene.  


Although it’s still developing, the north of Amsterdam is gaining more and more popularity. Only a bike’s ride away for most Dutch regulars, the venue boasts one of the best sound systems in Amsterdam. As dark as we like it and with limited visuals, this place is ideal for those who want to hear good music in minimal dark decor. It might get crowded in the front, but plenty of room to dance and chill in the back.


Shelter attracts techno-lovers only, and their door policy follows the likes of Berghain and De School so make sure you know what you’re coming for, otherwise you might be turned away. There’s a good mix of techno hipsters and relaxed jeans-and-air-max regulars. Like most clubs in Amsterdam the vibe is friendly and music-oriented. 


Once you get past the questions of who’s playing tonight and why you’re here, there will be a good old Dutch search. The door staff are thorough and sift out a lot of bottles, food and any other substances, so leave yours at home.

There is no re-entry so don’t try to move in and out, it doesn’t work and the door staff don’t bend the rules for anyone.


Shelter is best known for the quality of music, it's not a huge club but that adds to its charm. Buying drinks at peak time can become a long wait, and the same goes for the toilets, so the best place will always be the dance floor.

Then again, there will be nights with fewer people when you can enjoy the luxury of being treated like a king at the bar. 


  • Strict door policy means only a select few get in. Check out the line-up before showing up.

  • Buy tickets in advance – you’ll have a better chance of getting in, plus they will be cheaper. 

  • Standard Dutch check at the door – no drinks/water bottles or food. They will be very thorough! 

  • Although it might require a bit of effort for tourists, take the boat to cross the river. It’s free, only takes 10 minutes, and runs every 10 minutes until midnight.