In terms of events, the Village Underground focuses on established internationally-known acts in a variety of genres with a various degrees of ‘underground’ credibility. Its in-house promoting brand Superstition is one of London’s well-recognised outfits and they do seem to bring whoever is currently hot on the international techno scene.


It’s a well-known London venue in the middle of Shoreditch – a short walk from Old Street and Shoreditch High Street stations. The main room features an impressive D&B sound system and the sound quality’s consistent throughout the space.

The facilities are decent, drinks are typical London price range (not cheap, but not ridiculous). It gets quite loud inside (although they do seem to comply with the legal limits), so best to have some form of ear protection with you or pick up some free foam earplugs from the bar. 


Housed in a former warehouse near an old railway viaduct, the interior is defined by the bare brickwork walls which give it that characteristic Shoreditch vibe. The Village Underground definitely has a big club feel to it where the focus seems to be 50% to see the line-up and 50% to have a great night out.

Don’t expect a particular sense of community as you might in some of the more niche club nights. However, you’ll find a friendly and respectful crowd of people who are genuinely interested in the music.


The staff are friendly, but bouncers can be a bit tough. Its not unusual for them to use their flash lights on the dance floor to check people’s state throughout the night. Although it’s understandable, it can be a bit distracting at times.


Buy tickets online as there are rarely many left on the door. Queues can be long and slow-moving at times but the vibe is always fun. A really interesting and typically London space with lots of exposed brickwork and tall arches. 


  • Don’t come in your most glamorous shoes if you can’t handle them being a bit ruined at the end.
  • Free foam earplugs available at the bar if you want them.