sub club



Scotland’s top local DJs can be found every weekend in Subby, and international big names are often brought in. The residents themselves, Harri and Domenic, do a perfect job. Overall, definitely the best line-up in Scotland and one of the top ones in the UK.


Located on Jamaica Street in the heart of Glasgow's city centre, Sub Club is easily accessible by public transport. Considered one of the best sound systems in the UK, together with lasers and all the party-enhancing lights you could wish for in a newly refurbished place. There is a 99.9% chance that you'll have time of your life.


The crowd are made up of a range of people from 18-50 years old. Sub Club usually hosts student nights on Sundays. There’s no dress code (as long as you don't show up in your gym gear). There are no egos, only the nicest and friendliest faces.


Bodyguards usually ask you 3 questions before they let you in. 1. Are you OK? 2. Who’s playing? And 3. Have you been to Subby before? Usually they're nice and let you in anyway but if they see that you're under the influence or you have no clue what's going on in there, they may refuse entry.

Bar staff are quick and friendly and you never need to wait too long for a drink.


There are 2 queues: one for people with tickets and one for those without. Even on the most crowded nights both queues move quickly.

Overall an extremely wonderful experience – you won't be disappointed by Sub Club, that's why it's rated one of the top places to party in the UK. 


Buy your tickets online, (priced around £10 – £13) as this queue moves slightly faster.