podcast 011 //

Our final podcast of 2017 and the most momentous year for Live Now. Sleep Later. To celebrate our first year we have a very special podcast from our resident Decka, who played with us at our very first party. Visit our Soundcloud for full track list, featuring tracks from Amotik, Ansome and Emmanuel – enjoy the ride. 


podcast 010 //

Our tenth podcast from Paris-based resident Znzl recorded live at Corsica Studios. Featuring tracks from up and coming French industrial artists NN and unreleased tracks from Znzl himself. Visit our Soundcloud for full track list and enjoy the hard-hitting ride.  


PODCAST 009 //

Our ninth podcast from resident Ben Techy recorded exclusively for Live Now. Sleep Later. A hard hitting industrial mix featuring tracks from Clouds, Hadone and Gotshell, visit our Soundcloud for full track list.


PODCAST 008 //

Our incredible multifaceted resident End Train made his debut at London's world renowned Corsica Studios, playing alongside legends Rebekah and UVB. Full track list on our Soundcloud featuring unreleased tracks from End Train himself and many other hidden gems.


PODCAST 007 //

This month's podcast is the live recording of Wanna at Corsica Studios joining the heady line up of Rebekah & UVB. Visit our Soundcloud for full track list.

podcast 006//


Our experimental resident V-Stok shares his darker influences and inspirations, including recent exploration to integrate 12 note and microtonality within the canvas of electronic dance music. Enjoy the magical journey.

podcast 005 //
fred asquith


We present our rising star resident Fred Asquith // This is not a podcast. This is embarking on a brilliant night with Fred warming up for the Live Now. Sleep Later X Modulate party with Rebekah & UVB.

LNSL_PODCAST_AW_004_WARIND_01-01 (1).jpg


Recorded from their UK debut with us back in June, brace yourselves for the raving power of this B2B WarinD & Déformation_booléenne - d_b Turn your headphones up for this one.

Visit our Soundcloud for more exclusive Live Now. Sleep Later podcasts.


Podcast 003 // CLØTUR

Live Now. Sleep Later presents Cløtur. A trippy journey with our Paris based Tunisian producer. Cløtur released several EPs on his own label Warok Music and more releases will be out in the end of June on Systolic Records. His choice of magic is in deep atmospheric sounds, exploring the ambient side of techno. Visit our Soundcloud page for full track list and more exclusive podcasts. Enjoy the journey.


Podcast 002 // RADIAL

Radial's set recorded from our last party LNSL Presents Pfirter, Radial & more back in June. Beautiful and heady techno from one of our favourite Dutch DJs.

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Podcast 001 // Imber

Live Now Sleep Later's resident, Venezuelan born Imber thrives on well-crafted sounds that curiously unfold at the decks. Whether he's playing solo of part of techno trio Sector III, Imber's sets are always charismatic, uplifting and full of energy.

He embodies a truly distinctive style and sound which is why we are proud to present our very first podcast from friend and resident Imber. Enjoy his opening set at LNSL Presents Kwartz / Endlec / Yan Cook & more back in April. Visit our Soundcloud for full track list and more exclusive Live Now. Sleep Later podcasts.